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Why soil tests are important to optimal Ridgewood lawn care

by on February 8, 2012

Most homeowners know what services are necessary for good Ridgewood lawn care: proper mowing, aeration, overseeding, adequate hydration and fertilizer. Aeration is one of the most beneficial Ridgewood lawn care services, especially if you live in an area that experiences episodes of little to no rainfall. Aerating your Ridgewood lawn will allow the water from your irrigation system to reach the grass roots directly and be immediately absorbed. However, even though aeration ensures that your Ridgewood lawn and soil are manipulated, you should go one step further and also have your soil periodically tested by a Ridgewood lawn care professional.

A soil test is a fairly simple procedure and many Ridgewood lawn care companies offer the service for free in conjunction with their Ridgewood lawn care programs. The Ridgewood lawn care technician will take a small soil sample and have it sent to a lab. A qualified soil expert will examine the sample and look at the pH level (acidity); the presence or absence of such macronutrients as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen; the presence or absence of such micronutrients as iron, calcium, zinc, boron, manganese, copper and other nutrients that deter weed growth and enhance the Ridgewood lawn’s resistance to insect and disease infestations; the soil type, which can help your Ridgewood lawn care technician create a preventative plan to reduce the incidence of compaction; and levels of decomposed plant material, also known as thatch.

Once the results are back, your Ridgewood lawn care specialists can consult with you on what the best plan of action is regarding your Ridgewood lawn care regimen. To schedule a soil analysis, call your local Ridgewood lawn care company today.

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