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Tree Service New Jersey | New Jersey Tree Service | Tree Service in New Jersey

New Jersey Tree Service
Fertilization & Pest Control

Trees and shrubs require nutrients to thrive. Without them they’ll be more susceptible to insects and diseases and won’t live up to their full potential. That’s where the New Jersey tree service buffs at Harvest Lawn Care come in! We have the fertilization and pest control applications your ornamentals need in order to thrive beyond your expectations. Call today for a free estimate!

Tree Service New Jersey
Deep Root Zone Fertilization

Deep root zone fertilization allows us to get the nutrients your trees and shrubs need directly into their vascular systems. By injecting fertilizer into the roots, you will see faster results than you would with typical fertilization programs. Call the tree service New Jersey experts at Harvest Lawn Care to learn more about our effective deep root zone fertilization program!

New Jersey Tree Service
Anti-Desiccant Applications

Seasonal changes in temperatures can have a negative impact on your trees and shrubs, therefore, they need extra protection. Our anti-desiccant program includes a two-step application to maintain the moisture within the leaves as temperatures fluctuate. Don’t let your trees and shrubs suffer from what Mother Nature has to offer, call the New Jersey tree service experts at Harvest Lawn Care today!

Tree Service New Jersey
Hemlock Adelgid Injections

Our Hemlock Adelgid injections provide a systemic control and protection against Hemlock Scale and Woolly Adelgid. These injections promise lasting protection throughout the growing season. Call the tree service New Jersey specialists at Harvest Lawn Care today to see if your ornamentals could benefit from our Hemlock Adelgid injections!

New Jersey Tree Service
Birch Borer Injections

Birch borers can be quite destructive to your trees, which is why one of our New Jersey tree service specialties is a birch borer injection. These injections systematically control Bronze birch borer and birch leafminers and protect your trees throughout the season. Call today for a free estimate from the New Jersey tree service pros at Harvest Lawn Care!

Tree Service in New Jersey
3-Step Preventative Fungicide Program

Our three-step preventative fungicide program will help control leaf and stem diseases at the most opportune times. The applications are customized and sequenced according to plant vulnerability and disease life cycles. For more information on our preventative fungicide program, call Harvest Lawn Care, the best tree service in New Jersey!

Tree Service in New Jersey
Specialty Sprays & Injections

Our specialty sprays and injections include leaf and soil drenching applications that will correct nutrient deficiencies and offer root stimulants to help establish new plantings. Harvest Lawn Care is the best tree service in New Jersey. Let us use our expertise to rescue your valuable trees and shrubs! Call today!

Tree Service in New Jersey
Arborjet & Mauget Trunk Injections

Harvest Lawn Care offers trunk injections as an alternative to spraying for a wide variety of insect and disease problems. With more than 20 years in the business, we have the expertise you’re looking for to solve all your insect and disease issues. If you would like to know more about these advantageous injections, call the best tree service in New Jersey at Harvest Lawn Care for a free estimate!

Tree Service New Jersey
Soil Sample Testing

Your trees and shrubs need fertile, healthy soil in order to thrive. Let our tree service New Jersey technicians take a soil sample from your property to determine if there are any specific nutrient deficiencies or soil pathogens that may threaten the health of your plants. Once we have determined your soil’s needs, we will be able to treat the soil to encourage growth and sustainability in your ornamentals. For all your tree service New Jersey needs, call Harvest Lawn Care today!

Tree Service in New Jersey
Service Area

Harvest Lawn Care proudly provides exceptional tree service in New Jersey to: Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, North Haledon, Wyckoff, Wayne, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Mahwah, Oakland, Ramsey, Chatham, Morristown, Chatham Township, Short Hills, Mendham, Fairfield, Madison, Livingston, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Milburn and surrounding communities.

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