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Lawn Care NJ | Lawn Service NJ | New Jersey Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care New Jersey | Organic Lawn Care NJ
Organic Lawn Care

Harvest Lawn Care considers more than just what is best for your lawn and landscape. We also share your concerns over the health and safety of your family and pets, as well as the environment. We offer organic lawn care NJ so you can have a beautiful, vibrant and thriving lawn without worries that your lawn service will have a detrimental impact on others or the earth. When it comes to organic lawn care NJ, no one does it better than Harvest Lawn Care!

Lawn Service NJ
6-Step Lawn Care Program (Weed & Insect Control)

Our six-step lawn service NJ program has been carefully conceived to give your turf the best possible advantage by using high-quality products. We have more than 20 years of experience in servicing local lawns, so we have tailored our program to fit the specific needs of New Jersey homeowners. Harvest Lawn Care’s six-step lawn service NJ program is guaranteed to keep your lawn looking exceptional and free of weeds and insects season after season. Call today for a free estimate!

New Jersey Lawn Care
Flea & Tick Control

Some homeowners, especially those who live near wooded areas or open fields, may be too familiar with the unpleasant experience of flea and tick infestations. These pests often hitch a ride on our pets or our clothes and end up in our homes. They often carry diseases and can cause skin infections and allergic reactions. Harvest Lawn Care’s professional applications will rid your lawn of fleas and ticks so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about these pesky insects. Call your friendly New Jersey lawn care company at Harvest Lawn Care today!

Lawn Care New Jersey
Grub Control

Grubs are insects that you can’t afford to have living in and feeding off your lawn. These destructive pests will deplete your lawn’s nutrients beyond repair. Their feeding produces unattractive brown patches and their presence attracts other destructive lawn pests such as moles and skunks. To prevent costly damage to your lawn, have the lawn care New Jersey pros at Harvest Lawn Care treat your turf with our guaranteed grub control application!

Lawn Service New Jersey
Core Aeration

When your lawn has become compacted and thatch build-up is prohibiting nutrients, water and sunlight from reaching your turf, it’s time for core aeration. By removing small plugs of soil from your lawn, we will open up the ground, allowing it to breathe and increase water and fertilizer intake. This standard practice will help your lawn’s root system grow, encouraging stronger, greener and healthier grass. If your lawn could use an aeration treatment, call Harvest Lawn Care today; we’re the best in lawn service New Jersey!

NJ Lawn Service
Shrub Bed Weed Control

Our shrub bed weed control program will enhance the appearance of your property by preventing and controlling those annoying weeds that pop up in your shrub beds throughout the season. With our quality products and NJ lawn service expertise, Harvest Lawn Care can take care of the weeds so they don’t mar your beautiful landscape!

Lawn Care in NJ
Vegetation Control

Do you have patches of poison ivy or poison oak in your yard? Unwanted foliage can be a real nuisance to a homeowner who strives for a picture-perfect landscape. Harvest Lawn Care offers carefully selected herbicides to keep undesired plant life and invasive weeds from encroaching on your landscape. For the best lawn care in NJ, call Harvest Lawn Care today!

Lawn Services NJ
Lime Applications

Knowing the acidity level of your soil is very important when trying to grow a flawless lawn. If the level is too low, one of our lawn service NJ technicians will apply lime to increase the pH level. Once the lawn is properly balanced, all the other ingredients in your lawn applications will work to their best ability. For premium lawn service NJ, call Harvest Lawn Care today!

NJ Lawn Care
Slice Seeding

After your turf has been properly aerated, we will perform slice seeding to make sure your lawn becomes denser than ever before. By slicing holes into the ground and simultaneously inserting a mix of high-quality grass seed, you will see quicker and more dramatic results. Call the NJ lawn care techs at Harvest Lawn Care today for a free estimate!

Lawn Care NJ
Soil Testing

If you want your plants and grass to grow the best they can, conducting a soil test is an excellent way to ensure the soil has everything it needs for the best possible growth. Our lawn care NJ technician will send a sample of your soil off to a lab to determine the nutrient content, compositions and pH level. Once the analysis is sent back to us, we will advise you on the amount of lime and fertilization that your turf needs for optimal growth. Call the lawn care NJ specialists at Harvest Lawn Care to get your soil tested today!

Lawn Care NJ
Service Area

Harvest Lawn Care proudly serves the lawn care NJ needs of: Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, North Haledon, Wyckoff, Wayne, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Mahwah, Oakland, Ramsey, Chatham, Morristown, Chatham Township, Short Hills, Paterson, Paramus, Mendham, Fairfield, Madison, Livingston, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Milburn and surrounding communities.

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