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Lawn Care Paramus NJ | Lawn Service Paramus New Jersey

Lawn Care Paramus NJ
Core Aeration

When your lawn needs aeration, our lawn care Paramus NJ technicians will extract small plugs of soil in order to loosen compacted soil and break up thatch. This standard ground maintenance service technique will help your lawn’s root system grow larger, thereby absorbing more nutrients, water and air. In essence, core aeration helps the soil “breathe” and regain its health. For expert lawn care Paramus NJ, call Harvest Lawn Care today!

Lawn Service Paramus New Jersey
Slice Seeding

If your lawn is looking sparse and lifeless, slice seeding might be the key to reinvigorating your lawn. Our slice seeder will poke small holes into the soil while simultaneously inserting seed. This process will result in a thicker, sturdier lawn that will look like you completely re-sodded your landscape. No one does lawn service Paramus New Jersey like Harvest Lawn Care!

Lawn Care Paramus NJ
Lime Applications

Are you not getting the results you had hoped for from your lawn or other plants? The problem may be that your soil’s pH level is off. Our lime applications will help “sweeten” the soil and make it a more suitable place for grass to thrive. If you think your lawn could benefit from a lime application, call the lawn care Paramus NJ pros at Harvest Lawn Care today!

Lawn Service Paramus New Jersey
Vegetation Control

The lawn service Paramus New Jersey specialists at Harvest Lawn Care will help you get rid of poison ivy, poison oak and other unwanted foliage. We carefully apply selective herbicides to keep these and other persistent weeds from invading your lawn and landscape. For affordable rates and expert lawn service Paramus New Jersey, call Harvest Lawn Care!

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