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Pest control for woodworms

by on November 16, 2011

Termites are not the only insect that can cause serious damage to the structure of your home; woodworms will bore into the wood of your house, furniture and other areas where they are afforded a woody protection.

Pest control experts say woodworms often go undetected for years because the adults, also known as Furniture Beetles, will lay their eggs in the wood of your furniture. Once the larvae have emerged, they will bore into the wood and remain there for a few years. They will also leave the furniture and get into the structural wood of your home, where their boring can cause serious damage.

The best Ridgewood pest control method to protect against woodworms is to not bring used furniture into your home. Pest control specialists say this is typically how most homes become infested with woodworms. However, the adult woodworm can fly and if a window or door is left open, they can easily fly into your home. If you notice that woodworms are present in your home, your local Ridgewood pest control company can apply a special insecticide. They can also apply or suggest polishes that are designed to protect your furniture from woodworm invasions. If you have windows that you like to keep open, make sure they have screens so adult woodworms cannot fly into your home.

If you notice holes in your wooden furniture, that is a sure sign that woodworms are present. It is important to contact your Ridgewood pest control company quickly before these insects can cause problems for your home’s structure.

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